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When it comes to jewellery, it is difficult to think of any item more time-honoured than the bangle. In fact, archaeologists have uncovered sculptures of female figures wearing bangles that date back as far as the 27th century BCE. In southern Asia, bangles are nearly required ornamentation for women of all ages. With such a rich history behind the bangle, there is little wonder why this classic ornament continues to be popular with women worldwide.

The Style

Unlike other bracelets, bangles are made of inflexible materials such as metal, shell or glass. Most slip onto the wrist over the hand, and stacks of bangles provide bright accessory for any outfit. The classic look of a stack of bangles brings a sense of style noticeable and yet understated enough to pair with either a modern necklace or a set of dangly earrings.

Nearly every runway-worthy designer has included bangles in her or his portfolio. Some of the most popular are the bangles by designer Ileana Makri, which feature silk threading, detailed ornamental work and more. Bangles also feature heavily in the portfolios Alexander McQueen and Hoorsenbuhs.

The adaptability of bangles gives them a unique place in the world of fashion. Bangles may be wide and ornate, like the metalwork cuffs frequently worn by celebrities on the red carpet, or they might be simple, narrow pieces made from a single circlet of glass or shell. This flexibility in style gives designers extensive creative latitude and ensures that bangles, standing alone or in stacks, will be gracing the runway for many years to come.