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The blazer is a sophisticated and sleek fashion choice for the modern woman. These buttoned jackets were first made popular in uniforms for clubs and schools. The name ‘blazer’ is actually derived from the red coats worn by the rowing team of St. John’s College, Cambridge. Today they can refer to jackets of any color and fabric and can be worn with both formal and casual fashions.

The Style

Blazers are lightweight, long sleeved jackets; they often resemble the cut and design of a suit coat but are not part of a set, making them very versatile and easy to wear. Modern designers have incorporated feminine embellishments into blazer fashions, including ruffles, prints, lace, and stylistic buttons. You can find them in designs ranging from sporty and androgynous to feminine and professional. Many still love the classic, simple blazer, while others may opt for more ornate looks.

The blazer is a must-have item for every woman’s closet; they are almost always a fashion staple in Spring clothing lines. Burberry London offers several blazers in their collections. With clean lines and simple femininity, their tailored blazers are very true to the Burberry style. Carven is another designer who offers their own versions of the buttoned jacket. Their blazers play with cloth and color to offer a subtle twist to the fashion. For a more unique take on the blazer style, Vivienne Westwood has couture-inspired jackets that reinvent the blazer with intriguing cuts, patterns, and fabrics.

A smart blazer can tie a whole outfit together, giving it a chic, sophisticated feel. They are perfect for wearing with professional office attire or over a sleek dress for an evening dinner date. At the same time a great blazer can dress up a pair of skinny jeans and boots for an edgy, fashion-forward look.