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Sometimes all it takes to make a boring outfit special is a little something extra. Bracelets are a fantastic way to invigorate your ensemble. They come in a wide variety of types, colours and materials, from sterling silver fine bracelets to an assembly of precious stones connected by gold chains. Whatever your style is, you are sure to find a bracelet you will love.

The Style

Simple wrist adornments have been worn for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians wore bracelets of bone and wood, while other cultures used string bracelets to ward off evil spirits. Today's bracelets are more about style and decoration, though some bracelets have a religious or spiritual meaning.

Almost every major fashion designer has created a bracelet of some type to accompany their clothing on the runway. Coco Chanel loved bracelets, and was almost never seen without one of her signature pieces: A chunky bangle emblazoned with gemstones. Today, you can find bracelets in almost any shapes and in a wide range of materials that sells clothing. You can find bracelets in plastic, wood, metal and a huge assortment of other materials. Try Carolina Bucci for the ultimate touch of luxury, or Kimberly McDonald and Irene Neuwirth for bracelets with the finest gemstones.

Wondering how to wear a bracelet? In general, whether you're wearing a single bracelet combine several ones to create your own ensemble, you will want to wear slightly shorter sleeves. Stick with three-quarter length sleeves or shorter to let your bracelets shine. Pair your bracelets with a coordinating necklace or ring for a beautiful look that will turn heads.