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Cosmetic bags are bags designed to carry makeup and accessories while traveling. By keeping the small bags in their purses, woman can reapply as needed throughout their day. The bags also are great for travel, as some women have lots of makeup at home to change their look often. With the use of a small cosmetic bag, women do not need to carry all of the makeup that they own but rather just what they need for a day or two.

The Style

Makeup bags vary in size, shape, and style. Each bag tends to be small however most bags are available in three different sizes so that the makeup can be separated. Many women use one bag for brushes and one for their actual makeup. Most bags will use zippers to keep them closed but Velcro fasteners and buttons are also design options. Cosmetic bags also are made from a variety of materials, such as suede, leather, or metal.

Much like having a purse, owning a cosmetic bag helps to make a statement. The design of the bag can match the outfit being worn or match the purse it is placed in. By mixing and matching concepts, a unique look and sense of fashion is observed regardless of what is placed in the bag.

There are several designers that recognize the importance of having a stylish cosmetic bag. Many popular purse designers, such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Lanvin, and Bottega Veneta create excellent quality cosmetic bags that match their already trendy purse designs. Many of them also produce plain style bags, i.e. a solid colour with a plain zipper, to help compliment any outfit or purse.