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Designer-Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans have a style that can take you from the office to your favorite nightclub and back again. The jeans go by a number of different names, including flood trousers and high water trousers. The names come from the fact that the jeans are shorter than ordinary jeans and longer than capri trousers.

The Style

Some fashion enthusiasts still view these jeans as the trousers of the unpopular or uncool. During the 1950s, trousers of this style had a bad reputation because the only people who wore this style were those who couldn’t find properly fitting trousers. With some of the top names and brands in the field, like Acne, The Row, or Paige, now making cropped trousers, that reputation is disappearing.

Cropped jeans come in a variety of lengths because it seems like every designer has a different idea about what makes a cropped length. The jeans should stop several inches above the ankle and fall halfway between your ankle and knee. Some designers make cropped jeans that fall to the knee or just below the knee, while others make designs that stop just above the knee.

Wearing cropped trousers takes a little preparation on your part. Darker washes are better suited for the office than light washes, which can look a little too casual or funky. Darker jeans mimic the look of traditional black work trousers, and the darker colour serves as a neutral backdrop. Add your favorite pair of heels, a plain shirt and a chunky necklace and you have everything you need for work.

Cropped jeans also come in lighter washes, white shades and even bold eye-popping shades like hot pink and lime green. If you wear one of the brighter colours, keep the rest of your outfit simple, but if you choose a light wash or a white pair, anything goes. Pair your cropped trousers with a pair of wedges, flip flops or your favorite sneakers for a casual look to wear around town.