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Cross-body bags are a fashion essential accessory for several reasons: Aside from being super stylish, the cross-body bag’s most appealing characteristic is its practicality making it a go-to bag for a variety of outings: traveling, shopping, dance clubbing, or walking around on a market. At a dance club you can dance the night away with your bag safely strapped on. While shopping, the cross-body bag allows your hands to be free.

The Style

The cross-body bag rests, as the name suggests, across your body, naturally and comfortably. You can easily access you lip gloss or money without having to set your bag down and root around in it, risking leaving it on a counter top or in a bathroom or bar. Cross-body bags come in all different sizes so they work for lots of different occasions. There are small ones, perfect just your phone and your money; there are medium bags for carrying a magazine and a shawl in case you get caught in cold weather, and larger bags you can even good for traveling.

Great designers, such as Anya Hindmarch, Calvin Klein Collection, or Marc by Marc Jacobs, feature cross-body bags in their collection in a mixture of materials and prints. Just like how cross-body bags are great for lots of outings, they also go well with lots of outfits. Some people like the bags best with causal wear, while many styles will work perfectly for business wear. If you are commuting to work on a train or bus, cross-body bags will really come in handy.