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Looking for an accessory that can be bold, modern, tough, delicate or all of these things at once? A cuff bracelet, or just cuff, is what you've been looking for!

The Style

Cuffs are a type of bracelet. Instead of slipping over your wrist like a bangle bracelet or using a clasp like a chain bracelet, cuffs usually have a small opening to allow your hand to pass through. Cuffs are typically made from stiff materials like metal and leather and tend to be thicker than other bracelets. Because they're very wide, cuffs have room for images and embellishments.

Cuff bracelets are fantastic because they're so versatile! You can find them in all colours, shapes and sizes. One person might have a studded leather cuff to go with a punk rock look while another person favours an avant-garde sculptural bracelet, and a third person would choose a golden cuff to complement luxurious evening wear. Choosing a cuff to complete your ensemble isn't hard when there are so many options.

Cuffs Today

Although cuffs have been around for centuries, the modern day popularity of cuffs can be traced back to one designer. Verdura, an American jewellery designer, created Coco Chanel's famous Byzantine cross cuff. With Chanel's endorsement, modern cuffs were here to stay.

Today, you can find cuffs by many designing houses and specialised jewellery designers. Try Carolina Bucci’s elegant gold and silk cuffs, embrace your love for large precious stones with cuffs from Jody Candrian, or enjoy Philippe Audibert’s artistic beaded and plated cuffs.

Pair your cuffs

Buy two matching cuffs and wear one on each wrist for a fearless look. Pair a cuff with a three quarter sleeve shirt to show off your gorgeous bracelet. Toss on a cuff with a pile of bangle bracelets for an interesting and quirky twist on traditional bracelets. No matter which look you choose, you're sure to look fashionable and cool!