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Handbags serve a purpose. They can be beautiful, tacky, or plain, but they all have one main function, and that is to carry women's items. The original handbags came in to style when large dresses were going out; once dresses became thinner and lacked room for pockets, women found use in carrying their possessions in small cloth bags.

Over the years, handbags have carried secrets and displayed wealth. The fabric of a handbag was once the signifier of money. Fine silks and dyes created the handbags of the wealthy, and less expensive fabrics were used by those of the lower class. As people began to travel long distances by train rather than by horse, handbags became necessary traveling companions. Handbags went under constant renovation until the mid-1930s when they became designed purely for fashion. The necessity of the handbag was emphasized by fashionable designs and artistic decorations.

Hand Bag Styles

Handbags have a basic style now that is played up by different colours and patterns. The basic structure includes an elongated, sturdy sack for holding items accompanied by two handles for convenient transportation. Handbags can be found in any colour and size imaginable, and often buckles, zippers, and buttons decorate the sides.

Just as throughout history, handbags still have a beneficial purpose, but now they also have style. No longer do women embroider their names on the sides of bags in hopes of gaining a husband; women now proudly sport handbags that show off their class and brighten their appearance.

Handbags can be found from a number of top name designers. Fendi, Chloé, and Zagliani hand bags are durable and stylish and can be found in any combination of colours, fabrics, and styles. When paired with tie-on scarves, they can take on a whole new appearance to match every outfit.