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Fine jewellery pieces made from some of the earth’s most rare and beautiful materials have been a luxury enjoyed by the elite for many centuries. Gold, silver and platinum are all commonly used to this day in the modern jewellery industry.

The Style

Interestingly, many of the design motifs found in ancient examples of jewellery found in Greek, Egyptian and Etruscan ruins are commonly repeated in jewellery of the modern age. This kind of design repetition helps to confirm that the influence of jewellery is timeless. In the modern age, we have countless jewellery designs available to us. From the priceless designs of Lydia Courteille, Kimberly McDonald and Chanel to fashionable and well-designed costume pieces, jewellery is available to everyone. Precious metals and gemstones are widely available to sophisticated jewellery lovers and high quality imitation metals and gemstones are also widely available, and a perfect choice when a fashionista wants to build a jewellery wardrobe to coordinate with her clothing wardrobe.

Why would you want to have a jewellery wardrobe? Jewellery can transform any outfit, so it can be a great help to have a number of different looks at hand to match your mood and style. Just think of the way a new pearl choker can breathe new life into a favourite dress, or the way that the impression of an all-black outfit can change like a chameleon just by switching the jewellery ensemble from sterling silver or platinum to yellow gold. A variety of bracelets can enhance the look of a simple shirt or dress, and even vintage pieces can mix perfectly with clothing in the latest styles. Perhaps a jewellery wardrobe is never truly complete, but a growing jewellery wardrobe is a must -have for any fashionable woman.