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Designer-Purses and Wallets

Wallets and coin purses have been used since ancient Greek times. A wallet used to simply mean a flat currency case, however, in modern times more styles and shapes have become available. In the 1950s, card slots were added to the basic design of the wallet, allowing for a wider variety of things to be carried inside. As of the 1970s, wallets and coin purses are closer to a pocket size, and can fit easily inside trousers or a larger bag.

The Style

The majority of wallets designers create have a bi-fold shape. This means that the wallet folds in half one time, with credit card slots on the inside and a large pocket for bills. Fancier styles build on this concept, adding buckles or Velcro to the fold creating a tri-fold style. The large classic flat style is also available, but many women find that it is difficult to carry for everyday use due to its size. Coin size purses are also available.

Functionality is very important in wallet selection. Each wallet needs to be able to fit the needs of its owner, while being stylish. Selecting an elaborate wallet for a special event will help one achieve a classy and well accessorized look. Simple wallets, however, provide everyday organisation.

Most wallets will sport brown or black leather, although just about every colour is available on the market, making the wallet an excellent purse accessory. Some designers, like Alan Hayden London, produce exclusive leather wallets with added diamonds, while other designers, such as Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, or Valentino provide timeless elegance utilising different exquisite kinds of leather. Wallets and coin purses make an excellent fashion statement while helping to keep any purse neat and organized.