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Today's rings are mostly fashion items, but it wasn't always that way. In the past, rings were decorative as well as functional. Some rings served as wax seals for people, other rings functioned as lockets, holding small sentimental or practical items. No matter what the reason is to be wearing rings today, a ring is a thing of beauty.

The Style

Present day’s rings come in in different styles. The first style is a simple band, typically emblazoned with an overall pattern. Other rings have a gemstone or metal centrepiece. A third type of ring is less common, although they're trendy: Knuckle, or multiple finger, rings.

Rings give you so many fashionable options. You can stack multiple rings together for a cool layered look or wear a single high-impact ring. Rings play nicely with other jewellery as well. Pairing rings with necklaces or coordinating bracelets is an easy way to accessorize. You can play up a fanciful cocktail ring by wearing a matching or coordinating outfit.

Lydia Courteille, Loree Rodkin, or Kimberly McDonald are all famous ring designers that known for rings made with precious metals and gemstones. If you want to add a fun twist to your style, consider accessorizing with rings. They're a simple way to add a little something special to your next ensemble.