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Sandals are the oldest form of footwear known to man, dating from over 10,000 years ago. Today, sandals remain a popular choice for sunny days and come in countless trendy designs. The shoe design leaves the majority of the foot exposed, especially the toes and upper area of the foot.

Materials used can range greatly because less material is needed to make the shoe functional. Plastic and rubber are common choices in beachwear, however, leather, wood, rope, and other comfortable materials are mostly used in classy designer sandals.

Sandal Styles

Sandals come in several designs, for example with a narrow toe strap that fits between the big toe and the smaller toes, and attaches to a thin strap that goes across the top of the foot. The t strap sandal features a large strap that simply runs across the top of the foot.

More elaborate sandals can be used for formal occasions. High heel sandals that use lace or leather can be produced in a multitude of ways to show elegance and provide comfort. Because so many different designs are available, sandals can be worn to most occasions without looking too informal.

Top designers such as Phillip Plein, Giuseppe Zanotti, or Yves Saint Laurent produce unique luxury sandals that can be worn to classy events together with luxurious designer dresses. Because of the wide variety of trendy designs available, sandals can be made to match a variety of different accessories. Matching sandals to the purse carried or necklaces can allow for a flawless, well thought-out look.