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Ever since the 17th century, satchels have been a functional and fashionable way to carry bulky items. The earliest appearances of satchels are in Shakespearean literature. Traditionally, they are used specifically for books; however, modern designs incorporate extra pockets or room for everyday items used on the go.

The Style

Satchels are bags that are briefcase-shaped with a large strap that crosses the shoulder opposite the sack. Unlike a briefcase, satchels use soft, durable materials rather than hard backings, making them capable of carrying heavier weights comfortably. Unlike other bag designs, satchels can be enjoyed by both men and women, with some designers creating several luxury unisex styles.

The chic design of a satchel allows for several books or a laptop during a long school day or commute, but can also be used as an alternative to carrying a purse. While traditional designs allow for one or two large pockets, modern designs add pockets to the outside to store call phones, wallets, and pens.

Several designers have added satchels to their recent portfolios, making high quality choices available to the public. Commuters that are fond of the style but are looking for something more business appropriate can choose any of the luxury designs Proenza Schouler, Miu Miu, or Marc by Marc Jacobs have to offer, which include lines of tastefully coloured leather designs.