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Tote bags are stylish bags with practical appeal. They have evolved into a fashion must-have, great for all kinds of modern day activities: boating, traveling, picnics, school, working-out, and of course shopping. Bringing your own tote bag to a farmer’s market or shopping centre, so that you don’t have to use plastic bags is a big trend. It has never been so stylish to go shopping with your own designer bag!

The Style Evolution

Totes come in a variety of materials including leather, canvas and nylon. They also come in different sizes. Unlike the basic versions, some tote bags have zippers to secure your belongings inside, which make them ideal for traveling. Great canvas totes are made by Missoni or Pierre Hardy, while designers such as VBH, Valentino, or The Row produce some of the most luxurious and exquisite leather totes in the world.

Totes go great with everything. It’s all about material. In jeans, grab a canvas tote. In a skirt and heels, use a leather tote. One your way to yoga class, use a nylon tote by Michael Kors for your water bottle and towel. A tote bag is one of life’s little must-haves!