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Are you looking for comfortable, fashionable shoes? Look no further than wedges! First designed in the 1930s by Salvatore Ferragamo, the wedge sandal had soles of cork or wood. Leather and rubber shortages kept shoe designers from using traditional materials, so they had to look elsewhere. Cork soles kept the wedges light, while the wedge shape protected women's feet from the stress that accompanies traditional high heels.

The Style

Wedges resurfaced throughout fashion, most notably in the 1970s with a take on wedge heels. Platform shoes mimicked the look of wedges, but were generally a single height.

Wedge heels are different from traditional stiletto heels because the sole is all one piece. The shoe grows taller from the toe to the back of the heel, just like stilettos, but instead of having a separate piece for the heel, wedges are solid.

Wedges gain popularity with many new styles appearing on the market each year. Wedge sandals are fantastic for summer: They offer lightweight straps and soles that feel more casual than stiletto heels. Closed toe wedge pumps, wedge sneakers, or wedge booties - for example by Rick Owens, can be worn in cooler weather with tights, leggings or jeans. Because the heel has a more solid feel, falls are far less common in wedge heels than in stilettos.

Wedges look fantastic with many different ensembles. Skinny jeans show off the shape of the wedge, while skirts and dresses add a feminine flair to this fun shoe. Tights and leggings also allow ample opportunity to let the beauty of your shoe shine through.