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Alexander Wang

Any fashionista worth her salt knows that Alexander Wang is her go-to label for cutting edge, ready-to-wear collections. From his current collection to those in the past, Alexander Wang produces ready-to-wear clothes with an edgy, downtown vibe. 
Fashion is the passion Wang has been pursing since graduating high school. The Parsons School-dropout first splashed on the fashion scene with a ladies' ready-to-wear collection in 2007. 

The Style

By 2009, his style was clearly established and his influences clear. Wang expertly combines the masculine and feminine to create menswear-inspired collections for women. The Alexander Wang girl wants to make a statement with her clothing, as his pieces are ideal for the edgy, tough girl. In the past, his collections have been inspired by the '90s, French chic-style and grunge rock. From 2012 on, his ready-to-wear collection showed his affiliation with speed, with influences taken from dirt bike and stock car racing culture. His use of leather and mesh lends a masculine touch. Wang expertly blends femininity into the edgy collection by combining tough look with feminine prints. 

In addition to the ready-to-wear collection, Alexander Wang produces a casual collection known as T by Alexander Wang. T is inspired by a just rolled out of bed look. The combination of sheer tops, slim-fitting pants and t-shirts are easy to wear, perfect for catching brunch, running errands or going for a walk in the park. After all, who says casual cannot be fashionable?