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Carven is one of the great Parisian fashion houses that continue to produce beautifully rich and luxurious garments for the fashionista in us all. Stemming from a rich history of luxury fashion, the Carven label has been revived by fashion designer Guillaume Henry in 2012. Since then, Carven has quickly gotten tongues wagging in the fashion world.

The Fashion Label

Carven is beloved by fashion icon Alexa Chung and a must-have staple in the closets of anyone who loves classic beauty with a modern twist. The label was originally founded by iconic designer Madame Carven in the late 1940s. However, by 2009 little was left of the original label except a signature perfume. Henry entered the scene determined to revive the house to its former glory.

The Style

Guillaume Henry has kept the little touches that made Madame Craven famous: the Peter Pan collar and beautifully accented cuffs. To this, he has added loads of classic inspiration and plenty of style. Henry’s collections feature faux fur lined silk coats; gorgeous cable knit pullovers, A-line dresses and mohair turtlenecks. The paisley prints and mustard-colored sweaters of the collection echo Henry’s 1960s vibe without appearing vintage. Carven is fresh and now, in a way that pays tribute to the past.

Henry attributes his success to his inspiration, stating to design for the women he knows and loves. The result is rich, elegant clothing that fits the needs of a modern woman on the go. Carven’s looks are equally appropriate at the office, a cocktail party or a Sunday-afternoon running errands with the kids. This combination of wearable clothes and high-fashion inspiration is what has catapulted Carven back to the top of the fashion world.