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Christian Louboutin

Any time you catch a glimpse of red soles walking past, you are in the presence of coveted Christian Louboutin creations. The stylish stilettos clicked onto the scene in the 1990s, and have been seen in movies, TV shows, red carpet events and runways throughout the world ever since. The extreme popularity of Christian Louboutin shoes has made his a household name for all those who follow fashion.

The Fashion Label

Born and raised in France, Christian Louboutin developed a passion for shoe design in his teens, when he could be found sketching heels in notebooks in his free time. In the1980s, Louboutin visited both Egypt and India, furthering his design inspirations. Louboutin continued to sketch strong stilettos that would “create something that broke rules and make women feel confident and empowered.” Early in his career, Louboutin was given the opportunity to work as an apprentice under Roger Vivier, the original inventor of the stiletto.

Fashionistas were walking around in Christian Louboutin shoes far before he had his own label. Louboutin worked as a freelance shoe designer for some of the world’s most popular labels, including Yves Saint Laurent, Maud Frizon and Chanel. In 1991 Louboutin ventured out and started his own label. Among his first clients was none other than Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Dozens of celebrities quickly followed in her footsteps. Diane Von Furstenberg, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been seen topping off their outfits with his creative designs. With a client list such as his, it is clear to see why the Christian Louboutin label has been given the title of Most Prestigious Women’s Shoes in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by the Luxury Institute’s Luxury Brand Status Index.

The Style

Today, Louboutin sets the trend in women’s heels, selling more than 500,000 pairs of shoes every year, especially his popular stiletto pumps and high heel sandals. These creative designs are the perfect marriage of glamour and humour, featuring everything from shining crystals and gold studs to googly eyes and feathers. No matter what they are adorned with, the red sole makes them instantly recognizable. Christian Louboutin does not only produce shoes, but also creates some of the most beautiful bags in the world

The elite status Christian Louboutin has achieved also means that his shoes are among the most frequently copied and fraudulent look-alikes can be found world-wide. To ensure that you are slipping into a Louboutin original, do your shopping at one of partner shops here on