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Equipment's workhorse, wear-them-to-pieces staples have entranced laid-back, minimalist-leaning fashionistas across the globe and throughout the blogosphere. The brand's flowing, feminine takes on traditionally masculine items are the ideal companions to messy chignons, oversized coffees and free spirits.

The Style

The brand is perhaps best known for its Brett and Signature blouses. These aren't just any button-down, long-sleeved blouses, as they come in a rainbow of luxe silk fabrics and with a drape so precisely relaxed, it's somehow capable of making any woman feel Hepburnesque — Audrey or Katherine, take your pick. Equipment's illustrious outerwear, especially their throw-it-on parkas, can upgrade any outfit with ease. Many of the line's jackets are truly unisex, with the same pieces marketed to both men and women.

The Designer Label

So, who's behind the line? CEO and Creative Director Serge Azria is at the helm of the company today. You may recognize him as the owner of two other fashion lines: Current/Elliott and Joie. However, Equipment was founded in 1975 by Christian Restoin against an interesting cultural backdrop: the Women's Liberation Movement. This second wave of feminist thought called for clothes that highlighted women's bodies without impairing or restraining them. Restoin answered the call, specializing only in shirts throughout most of his career in fashion. Restoin dropped out of the fashion scene in the mid-'90s, living a life of reclusion ever since — if you happen to spot the man, be sure to alert your local paparazzo.

Equipment will continue to explore the quiet sexuality of unisex apparel, incorporating only the tiniest feminine details into classic men's silhouettes. And why change that M.O. too much? You can't go wrong with a single patch chest pocket, a timeless fold-over collar, subtle shirttails, and sleeves that can be rolled up or left long. Some things just never go out of style.