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It you are looking for artistic creation that marries posh with eclectic style and splashes of color, you probably want to consider some of the designs by Etro.

Etro is a business that has managed to stay in the family for over forty years. In 1968, entrepreneur Gimmo Etro introduced a line of prestigious fabrics made with natural fibers. He took the textile industry by storm using his own design creations and innovative color palettes. In the 1980s, the line expanded to include leather products and originated the travel collection featuring Paisley jacquard cloth.

Etro is about more than just clothes. The company focus is creating style and that covers many niches. You find products under this brand name in the home accessories area of fine stores. Even the perfume counter features a line of Etro scents. In fact, there are 24 exclusive fragrances under the Etro name and even a boutique dedicated to perfume sales.

Etro is a trendsetter in Paisley patterns. Paisley is a consistent feature in the designs put out by this company. Etro products are about artistic expression. Part of that is playing with the base Paisley look to build new sensations. They also tinker in cashmere styles including over 150 shawls.

Etro is known for adapting artist’s works into their fashion patterns to create vivid style. This is the essence of the brand. Art, color and style come together in anything that carries the Etro name. Gimmo started with a small business that made interesting textiles. Today, his children carry on the legacy that covers women’s and menswear, home accessories, leather goods and textiles. Hip style with bright artistic flair is what you find from Etro.