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Giuseppe Zanotti

If you're into the newest fashion that offers a unique look and head turning appeal, you're in for a treat. You will see color settings that are glamorous as well as stylish for you will be reading about Giuseppe Zanotti.

The Designer

Starting in the 90's the DJ turned fashion designer Giuseppe started his love of footwear in the Vicini factory which he bought after no longer being able to control his vision of the right shoes for the particular woman. Buyers immediately picked Giuseppe up on his first fashion presentation because of his expertise and his freshness. Giuseppe Zanotti hasn't changed since and is still keen on his vision of creating the perfect shoe.

The Style

The style offers an array of high class shoes in which he is of course specifically known for his 'heel-less' shoes which have such a unique quaintness to them as well as serious modern appeal with colors ranging from gold and metallic to soft fuchsia. How do you think you will look hitting the town in shockingly beautiful silver spikes complete with matching clutch! Giuseppe definitely has an array of style to all to himself.

Besides shoes and heel-less shoes (which should be another category itself) Giuseppe Zanotti also carries a parade of sneaker-style shoes. His sneakers are very upbeat and extremely stylish and colorful. Suede or leather makes no difference when choosing from this catalog and you should pay special attention to his wedge sneakers. Giuseppe's also has a multitude of purses in most of them with his heel or heel-less collections.

Giuseppe Zanotti's styles his particular style is unmatched because he is so very unorthodox which makes him so very unique. The fashion world loves him, and is eager to work with him, resulting in co-operation with brands such as Balmain, Proenza Schouler, or Christopher Kane. It is his particular uniqueness that puts him over the top. His fashion lines speak for themselves and all beautiful women should have at least 2 pair of Giuseppe Zanotti's shoes!