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Helmut Lang

Men and women of class and sophistication know that one fashion house is the epitome of minimal elegance. Which brand is it? The brand Helmut Lang has been synonymous with classic refinement since its inception. 

The Style

Founded by Austrian designer and renowned artist, Helmut Lang, the label was launched in Paris in 1986. Although most of the brand's silhouettes are simple, the high quality and high tech fabric and construction make each piece remarkable. The sharp lines and precise cuts, a Helmut Lang trademark, imbue the designs with timeless elegance and sophistication.
In 1999 the Italian design house, Prada, acquired 51% of the company and a 5 year partnership ensued. In 2004, the designer Helmut Lang sold his remaining shares to the Prada Group and subsequently departed his namesake label in 2005. 
In 2006, Link Theory Holdings of Tokyo purchased the Helmut Lang label from the Prada Group. Link Theory, which owns the Theory brand popular around the world, then announced that the Helmut Lang label would be directed by noted designers Michael and Nicole Colovos. The couple insists that the current Helmut Lang designs are inspired by the creative and artistic version of the artist, Mr. Lang, himself. The brand Helmut Lang continues to be lauded as simplified elegance.