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Jimmy Choo

Few fashion labels can claim to be as well traveled as Jimmy Choo. For decades the line’s namesake has designed some of the sexiest footwear to grace the red carpet and runway alike, and today his shoes show no signs of slowing down.

Born into a family of shoemakers, Jimmy Choo got a head start creating his wearable art at the age of eleven. It wasn’t until the 80s, though, that his sultry feminine footwear won attention from fashion notables. Only two years after setting up shop in in a converted old hospital building in Hackney, North London, Vogue featured his hot new designs in a record eight pages of a single issue. A short two years after that celebrity of celebrities Princess Diana of Wales signed on as a patron, shooting him into the stratosphere of stardom. Since then, Hollywood who’s who including Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, and Christina Hendricks have turned to Jimmy Choo for the perfect something to slip their toes into for walking the red carpet.

The Style

The Jimmy Choo collection is all about luxury so wearing it keeps you always looking runway ready. His designs are sleek and streamlined lending an air of sophistication while his use of elongated lines, leather, animal prints, and metallic detailing give his pieces that perfect touch of the provocative. Though the line’s mainstay is footwear, Jimmy Choo has expanded into handbags as well. This arm candy is just as tastefully seductive as his suave stilettos.  The Jimmy Choo brand continues to stand firm as a fixture in the fashion world. His signature red soles provide that glamorous red carpet feeling no matter where they are worn. Sexy and popular as ever, these shoes won’t be walking off the fashion scene any time soon.