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What’s a vintage-loving girl to wear in a modern world? Fortunately, cutting edge Marni founder and designer Consuelo Castiglioni has a solution for this trending fashion dilemma.

Castiglioni’s aesthetic strikes the perfect balance between retro bohemianism and European modern chic. Celebrity fashionistas including the likes of Drew Barrymore, Lilly Collins, Milla Jovovich, and Felicity Jones have all been spotted sporting the Marni label’s funky threads. With its poppy prints and effortless wearability, who could blame them?

Marni has been a free-spirited and fearless line since its start in Italy in 1994. Despite fur’s being at the height of unpopularity, Castiglioni revolutionized its usage in the fashion world by treating it like any other fabric. Instead of simply tweaking traditional fur piece designs, she devised modern wearable clothing out of this seemingly antiquated material. Her daring paid off as customers fell in love with the genius of her work and today the Marni label, affectionately named after Castiglioni’s sister, designs not only ready-to-wear clothing, but a range of accessories including jewelry, eyewear, and handbags as well.

Fur might have put the label on the map, but Marni is far more than mink collars and fox trimmed cuffs. Castiglioni’s distinctive style of blending bold colors and prints, sensory stimulating textures, and uncommon cuts sets this line apart from all the rest. Pairing asymmetrical silhouettes with vintage inspired fabrics, Marni creates for itself an inimitable aesthetic unlike any other line.

With stores in sixteen countries around the world, Castiglioni’s Marni continues to push the envelope of wearable fashion while maintaining its status as one of the most popular lines available today.