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7 for all Mankind

Every girl has that pair of jeans that make her look and feel fabulous. The most style savvy of women will tell you their must-have jeans are designed by Seven for All Mankind. 

The Style

While best known for denim, Seven for All Mankind carries a full collection of women's wear. Take a peek at their current collection and you'll see why every stylish girl walking the streets of London, Paris, LA and New York City is rocking their fashions. When it comes to jeans, they do the basics like no other. Boot cutskinny fitcropped, straight leg, flares and all of the other classics with a fit like you've never seen or worn before. For those who like to veer from the standard blue jean, Seven for all Mankind carries a variety of bold colors and prints, including animal print and metalics.
Seven for All Mankind is the chic brain child of designers Michael Glasser, Peter Koral, and Jerome Dahan. This company came to be in 2000, when the designers saw that the fashion industry was slacking when it came to meeting the desires of serious female denim lovers. Understanding that the ladies aren't the only ones who dig a perfectly fitted pair of jeans, they introduced their men's and children's denim lines in 2002 and 2005, respectively. Then, in 2006, Seven for All Mankind expanded their designs into collections that include footwear, tops, accessories and much, much more. 
Though the company is based out of sunny and stylish Los Angeles, California, their designs can be found all over the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan.