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Sonia Rykiel

She is known for her fabulous knitwear, and she’s one of the hottest designers to ever hit the Left End. She’s been crowned the “Queen of Knits” and is also known as “Coco Rykiel.” Her name is Sonia Rykiel.

The Fashion Designer

The story behind Sonia Rykiel’s line is an inspiring one. She never had any formal designer training other than sometimes window-dressing her father’s shops during her teenage years. Where her journey to becoming the “Queen of Knits” began is when she began creating her own stylish garments when she was pregnant in the early sixties. Her husband had a retailer business, and she began designing knitwear from resources at his business. This soon led to her most popular iconic shrunken pullover.

In 1968, she opened her own boutique on the Left End, and she has been a fashion favorite ever since. She has a distinct design style that features inverted seams, de-lined looks, and other creative effects. She amassed a huge following among the fashion forward. Some of her clients include noted celebrities like Mary J. Blige, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Kruger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Vanessa Paradis, and Dita Von Teese.

Sonia Rykiel’s line is so established and popular it was even awarded the Legion d’Honneur in 1996 by the French government. Sonia’s label has expanded tremendously since its start back in 1968. Now her label includes an accessory line and a lingerie line, and she also uses a wider range of materials for her designs. Sonia’s lines even include underwear, handbags, and shoes now. This innovative line has truly taken the fashion industry by storm.

Every fashionable lady can find something to add to her wardrobe from Sonia Rykiel’s collection. Knitwear is always in style, and Sonia Rykiel’s is by far one of the most superior lines in knitwear ever to hit the fashion industry.