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Tory Burch

Taking simple clothes and having the creative mind to turn them around and make them fashionable seems darn near impossible. Not to mention being endorsed by Oprah! For Tory Burch, this is her everyday life and she definitely knows what she is doing.

Starting her fashion label in 2004, Tory Burch has been nothing short of successful and inspirational. Born and raised in America, Tory Burch now has 68 boutiques worldwide including many boutiques in outlet stores.

The Style of Tory Burch

With many of her designs on the television show Gossip Girl, Tory Burch is not going away any time soon. Her Preppy-boho and Preppy-bohemian luxe designs give her clothes a lot of versatility from day to night wear. Her genius fashion sense is used to make a range of hand bags, sunglasses, accessories, clothing, and shoes. Preview her classy Fall 2012 fashions and be amazed by her creativity with the simplest of garments.  Tory Burch's styles can be spotted everywhere on the streets with her signature T medallion shining bright in the sunlight. Her line of flats, named after her mother, are where her signature sign can be seen most. Not only has she made the simple ballet flat a fashion to die for, she was innovative enough to turn a simple T-shirt into a "must have" item. Tory draws most of her fashion inspirations from the classic styles of the 60s and 70s admiring the minimal effort it took for those in that era to look stylish and unique. One of few reasons why so many love her fashions.  And to think Tory Burch couldn't get any better than she already is, she designs tops and accessories where 15% of the purchase go to a charity of her choice giving women more of a reason to choose her designs over other designers.