by Brilliant

To find the most exquisite and unique jewellery available, jewellery aficionados have discovered that they must search beyond the usual fashion boutiques and jewellery outlet chains. offers an extensive line of deftly designed fine jewellery that simply cannot be found elsewhere. This site is tailored to anyone seeking high-quality jewellery designed with love and attentive detail, as well as individuals looking for one-of-a-kind designs created by skilled jewelers who embrace creativity and celebrate artistic expression.

Designs by Brilliant

At by Brilliant London, the proprietors maintain complete control of the design, manufacturing and finishing of all of their products, ensuring that by Brilliant keeps an in-depth knowledge of their product line. E each piece produced receives an extra measure of attention and care than would be offered at other jewellery retailers. By Brilliant's revolutionary approach to jewellery design is in close keeping with the modern demand for unique, ethically produced products. More and more shoppers are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. By Brilliant proudly delivers on their promise of individuality and affordability.

Dervia and Emma, the proprietors and designers that operate, understand the modern desire for unique, affordable jewellery. This is because they grew up with a passion for individualism in design and they maintain that passion to this day. Whether they are designing bridal bands, engagement rings or debonair necklaces, the sisters insist upon only the highest quality materials, including environmentally responsible, ethically grown and sourced diamonds of the highest quality.

41 Duke of York's
Sloane Square
United Kingdom