Expressions Des Bijoux

Expressions Des Bijoux is an online jewellery boutique dedicated to craftsmanship and exclusivity. Curator Rosita Heshmati founded the company to share jewellery inspired by local traditions with the world.

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Expressions Des Bijoux is the best kind of fashion anomaly. It does not mass-produce inexpensive jewellery, but strives to deliver unique, beautiful pieces to loyal clients. The jewellery from Expressions Des Bijoux is distinctly stunning. It is constructed out of thick, textured leather straps and large precious stones. Eye-catching charms made out of real silver dangle from chokers and earrings. Colorful stones are stacked next to each other on bib necklaces that cover the entire sternum. Giant hoop earrings are adorned with enamel flowers whose petals are painstakingly applied one by one. These are big, noticeable pieces that directly contradict mainstream fashion and express the sense of luxurious exclusivity. A woman who wears jewelry from Expressions Des Bijoux is announcing that she sets her own trends. She wears what she likes, and she demands quality, designed by the best artist, made of highest quality with the best available materials.

Designers does not feature designers that are generally known in the world of fashion. Designers at are regarded as artist. Each works from his or her own private studio, meticulously crafting each piece in limited editions so that it reflects the beauty and mystique of her native culture. Expressions Des Bijoux takes its customers on a journey through Europe’s most beautiful artistic traditions and cater to women with extravagant, regal tastes.

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