lounge lover

Shopping at Lounge Lover is unlike shopping anywhere else. Organized into clear categories, everything here is easy to find. The moment you click on the website, you are transported to a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere. Loungelover.com instantly makes you feel as though you are on vacation. 

Fashions at Loungelover.com

Browsing Loungelover.com provides a chance to take a break from your busy life and be transported to exotic locales without ever leaving your desk. The clean, beautiful design of the site provides an elegant, easy shopping experience. The beachy, relaxed environment flows easily into the fashions offered, as well. 

Rich, luxurious fabrics designed to make the wearer feel pampered and beautiful abound at Loungelover.com. Designed by Sylvie Gabriel, with comfort and softness in mind, the collection includes fashion for the beach, travel, lounging, and sleep. These chic, classic wearable pieces bring style and comfort to the wearer. Every piece is thoughtfully designed with softness, wearability and luxury in mind. 

Shopping at Loungelover.com is an experience for the mind, body, and soul. The shop offers a sense of tranquility that you'll want to bring home so that you can continue to feel whisked away to a beautiful island. You can almost smell the sea as you page through the beautiful fashions. A blog on the shop's site offers a sense of community and interaction, and allows the shopper to follow along on the designer's adventures, further enhancing the feeling of a lovely vacation at the beach.


Lounge Lover Studio Ltd
42 Cleveland Square
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