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Like walking into a fine boutique store, online fashion shopping should be a welcoming and rich experience. Visiting the online fashion portal is as close as it comes to strolling through high-fashion shopping destinations like Milan or New York. The web retailer offers luxury fashion through a curated selection of clothing and accessories, from handbags and scarves to jackets and cocktail dresses. This is not the place for a mass-produced knockoff of what everyone else is wearing. At The Remedi, you'll find one-of-a-kind treasures that are truly unique.

Designers at

Part of what makes The Remedi special are the four carefully-selected, independent designers filling the site's catalog. Bl^nk London offers a collection ranging from flowing, bohemian dresses to classic jewelry, handbags and scarves with a contemporary twist. The latest line by Diana Irani, Conditions Apply, offer hand-crafted dresses, scarves and jewelry introduced at London Fashion Week as well as D&A New York. The fashion line Again supplies vintage-style scarves and dresses using colorful, playful approaches. The label 100% Silk delivers what its name promises: all 100% Silk dresses are made entirely with pure silk, a treat not likely to be found at box stores or mega-sized online retailers.

The Remedi removes the work of sifting through hordes of mass-produced and puts the fun back in shopping. It's like visiting a favorite shopping mall or boutique but with all the brands and items carefully chosen just for you. On other words, makes online shopping feel like shopping again.

The Remedi
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